Attention Homeowners!

Save Money On Your Home Painting Projects

If you like saving money and if you normally hire painting contractors to handle your painting, you will love this program.

Read below to learn how you can save up to fifty percent on your next house painting project by hiring one of the apprentice painters listed on our “Apprentice Directory“.

Why Hire Our Listed Apprentice Painters?

If you hired a licensed residential painting company, you would more than likely pay top dollar, and an apprentice painter will more than likely do most of the work anyway while the painting company owner is off-site bidding on other work. Since an apprentice painter will more than likely be doing your painting anyway, why not hire one of our professionally trained apprentice painters instead to save upwards of fifty percent on the total cost?

Working with one of our listed apprentice painters will be like working directly with a proud painting company owner who will more than likely invest more care in doing a better job for you than an employee of a painting company since our apprentice painters are paying for this House Painters University education in order to learn how to start their own painting company.

Plus, the apprentice painter you hire knows you will have the option of giving them an online public review for all future clients to read.

How You Save Money

You would normally get at least three painting estimates from three different painting contractors anyway, so once you have obtained several estimates, you can negotiate total cost with the apprentice if necessary.

The apprentice painters listed on our Apprentice Directory are trained by this educational program to work with you on total project cost to make sure you save money over hiring a contractor.

How It Works

STEP 1. Learn all of the details below on how this program works to your money saving benefit.
STEP 2. Locate the apprentice painter’s name on the flyer you received by using the “Apprentice Directory” link on this website.
STEP 3. Contact the painter who delivered the flyer and set up a meeting date and time to discuss your painting project details.
STEP 4. Allow the painter time to go home and figure out a project price.
STEP 5. When you both agree on a price, create a game plan with the apprentice to complete the project.
STEP 6. When the project is complete to your satisfaction, pay the apprentice.
STEP 7. Review your apprentice. Since your apprentice painter will know you have this review option after completion, you can have confidence they will be working hard to make sure every aspect of your painting project runs as smoothly as possible.

What You Should Expect

No Money Paid Until Completion

The apprentice painter will not ask for any money until your entire painting project is complete and you are happy with the end result.

Any apprentice painter listed on our directory who asks for money up front is not following the educational process taught here and you should not hire them if they ask for money up front or before the job is complete.

Courteous And Friendly

Your apprentice painter will be courteous and friendly throughout the entire project. This educational program teaches proper business etiquette.

Integrity And Professionalism

Your painter will be on time when they offer you a time schedule or they will call or text you if there is any delay.

Your Painting Project Details

When meeting with your apprentice painter to go over the project details for estimating total cost, the apprentice should ask many questions and take detailed written notes. You should also ask many questions to make sure the apprentice painter knows all details.

Written Proposal Form

Your apprentice painter should supply you with written details of your painting project on a professional proposal form along with the total cost. Be sure to go over the entire proposal and have them add or edit any details you feel are necessary. Be sure everything is in written form before the project starts.

Project Communication

Great communication is always key to a successful business transaction.

Expect your apprentice painter to know and understand that you will be working with them through every step of the process in order to make sure the project flows smoothly from start to finish. They understand you are the boss for the duration of the project.

Before the project starts, your apprentice painter will be expecting you to ask questions and will be more than happy to educate you about any aspect of the process for completion of your project. The more your apprentice painter is willing to discuss your project needs, the more you will know they have done their homework.

If your apprentice painter is not following the proper procedures you have learned on this page, please use the contact link on this website to let us know. Our listed apprentice painters understand their membership and apprentice listing can be deleted if they do not follow procedures properly.

A Solid Game Plan

The apprentice painters attending this educational program will understand that you will be working directly with them throughout the entire job to make sure all is done properly according the the game plan they will have laid out for you.

Before your apprentice painter starts working on your project, you will both discuss all of the project details to make sure your apprentice painter has a solid game plan, knows exactly what they are doing and knows about the proper paints to apply.

Our listed apprentice painters will be taught all proper procedures for all applications and you are assured to get premium results with quality paints, unless you want them to use less quality paints.

Review Your Apprentice

After your painting project is complete, please be sure to give your apprentice painter an online review by following the three simple steps below.

Step 1.

You will first need to set up a free account on in order to post an online public review for your apprentice painter.

Step 2.

After setting up your free account, find your apprentice painter’s account URL link by using our “Apprentice Directory” found in the main navigation at the top of this website. Their Yelp account URL link will be listed in their public profile page found by clicking on the “My Public Profile Page” link in the “Apprentice Directory.”

Step 3.

Give your apprentice painter a review.

Legal To Hire

It is legal to hire apprentice painters listed on our public directory because the apprentice painter has been taught to set up their painting company as a handyman business to avoid any state contractor licensing registration process.

Handyman businesses are not required by most states laws to be licensed as long as the total price of the painting project is below a specified amount required by the state. For example, a handyman business in Arizona can bid up to $1,000 for the total cost of a painting project for one client per calendar year without needing a state license. Total cost of a project includes labor and materials.

Liability Limits

House Painters University is not in any way liable or responsible for the apprentice painter you hire from our public apprentice directory. is only an educational service allowing any paid student the option of listing their name and contact information on our public apprentice directory. By using our public apprentice directory, you will be hiring a listed apprentice at your own risk and you fully understand the limitations of this educational program, website and public directory listing for students. does not earn money, commissions or rewards of any kind from any painting work that any of our listed apprentice painters perform for you.