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Imagine earning $25 to $35 per hour painting homes as your own boss starting with no experience and no money… and on top of that, earning an additional $2,000 or more per month doing absolutely nothing and all because you were one of the lucky 20 early registrants who took advantage of this House Painters University educational program.

20 lucky registrants of House Painters University who act fast in taking full advantage of this educational program will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to receive hundreds, and potentially thousands of dollars every month without lifting a finger, and for the life of this program… which could mean the rest of your life.

You are about to get a powerful, free, life-changing education below that only a hand full of people on this earth have gained, and most of the people who gained this education had to pay thousands of dollars to obtain it.

This exciting education below will change your life, just like it changed my life when I first learned how it all worked years ago.

What You Need To Know First

Have you ever thought about the multi-million dollar and billion dollar companies like Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, Microsoft, Intel, and the many more successful companies where the lucky people who were on the ground floor when those companies first started are all millionaires now?

There are thousands of lucky people who all became millionaires practically over night only because they were in the right place at the right time when those mega companies started, and those people took action up front to make sure they were on the success train when it left the station.

Consider yourself extremely fortunate if you are reading this because you have one of those exciting ground-floor opportunities with House Painters University right now for a limited time, and all you have to do is follow the simple directions below.

Important facts to know first…

Fact One

There are currently more than 60,000 painting company owners in the United States who all started from nothing, and those people are no different than you.

Fact Two

There are tens of millions of homes in the United States that all need to be painted inside and out, and more than once. That means tens of millions of homeowners are looking for people to paint their homes every year. Job security for you!!!

Fact Three

If you follow all of the incredibly simple steps in this House Painters University educational program, your phone will start ringing right away from people/homeowners wanting you to paint their homes, and those homeowners will want to hire you regardless of your lack of house painting experience.

Fact Four

I would not have invested tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of my valuable hours creating this House Painters University educational program for you if the entire process did not work perfectly every time. I started a painting company with no experience and no money, and if you have read about my 25-plus year history in the painting business, you already know I earned a very nice living as my own boss for all those years.

The Exciting News

All of the exciting details as well as the important reason I am giving away this exciting opportunity to 20 lucky early registrants is further below, but let me show you how it works in a nutshell first so you can understand the process.


You will get this House Painters University program for free by registering below…


You will complete one house painting job where you get paid…


Once you get paid from your very first completed paint job, you will then create and upload a positive video testimonial onto YouTube about how this House Painters University program worked exactly as the directions offer, and you will send me the URL link to your YouTube video testimonial…


Once I receive your YouTube video testimonial URL, I will set you up, FOR FREE, with the opportunity to receive $498.50 commissions from the sale of this House Painters University program, and you will then have the opportunity to earn several thousand dollars in residual income every month for the rest of your life.

Why Am I Giving You This Added Opportunity?

I am giving away this added opportunity for you and 19 other registrants to earn hundreds in commissions every month for doing nothing but submitting a video testimonial because the simple fact of YOU earning money from this House Painters University education will earn me a LOT MORE money. It would be crazy for me to not give you this opportunity as you will soon discover by reading the details below.

The Exciting Details

After reading all of the details below, you fully understand the power of marketing on the Internet, and the main reason every successful program online earns a lot of money. You will also fully understand the true benefits of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you have right now. Plus, you will also completely understand why it is extremely important for me to give you this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Online companies are successful at earning a lot of money because people who have taken advantage of those successful online company’s products and services have voiced their success online through positive testimonials for other people to read or watch on a video…

Think about Yelp.com as one of the many examples. Positive reviews posted from people who have already used a service listed on sites like Yelp.com are the reason service companies are more successful. I currently operate a company listed on Yelp.com and the many positive testimonials posted on my Yelp business page give me a $50,000 annual income without any advertising. I don’t spend one dime on marketing and my phone rings all day long, every day from hungry customers who want to pay me money for my service.

When you are thinking about making a product purchase of any kind, or using a service company, you usually go online first and look for reviews and testimonials to see/hear/read what other people are saying about the product or service, and you usually spend money where you read the most positive reviews. You rely on those positive reviews and testimonials, and so does everyone else.

Positive reviews motivate people to spend money.

Okay, so now you understand the basic psychology of how/why companies become highly successful. Keep this in mind as you read on…

How You Receive Thousands Doing Nothing At All

First, let me show you in a nutshell how the money is earned on this website, and then I will explain below how you earn money every month doing nothing more than submitting a video testimonial after you take advantage of this education.

Just like any online program selling a product or service, this House Painters University educational program will sell for $997.00 without any testimonial. But many, MANY more people will pay $997.00 for this House Painters University program when they watch 20 positive video testimonials from people who already took full advantage of this House Painters University educational program…

So, when sales of this House Painters University educational program dramatically increase because of the 20 positive video testimonials added by 20 lucky early registrants who took full advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, those 20 lucky people will be set up, for free, to earn 50% commissions ($498.50 per sale) for the rest of their life, and you won’t need to do anything at all to earn those commissions for the rest of your life after you submit a positive video testimonial about your experience with House Painters University.

If this doesn’t get you excited, you might want to check your pulse.

Every major company online has installed on the back end of their website what is called an affiliate program that allows anyone (people like you) the opportunity to earn money (commissions) from the sale of their products or services, but most people are not aware of this affiliate process because affiliate programs cannot legally be discussed up front on any website once the website/business/program is in full operation. So in other words, when this House Painters University program is in full operation, all of this exciting information you are reading on this page will be removed to avoid stiff government fines and penalties.

How Lucky Are You Right Now?

Consider yourself extremely lucky to be reading this page right now!

Just like every company offering products and/or services online, this House Painters University website has a powerful affiliate program built into the back end that allows anyone the opportunity to earn 50% commissions.

Now that you understand about the affiliate program already programmed into the back end of this website that allows you to earn 50% commissions, picture/imagine the following…

When you and 19 other lucky early registrants of this House Painters University education take full advantage of the information as quickly as possible, and you send me a positive video testimonial link you submitted on YouTube, I will then set you up with a free affiliate account and post your video testimonial on this website for all visitors to see so you can earn $498.50 commissions doing nothing thereafter for the life of this program.

The details of how you will earn the commissions are coming up below.

Why would I set you up with this incredible opportunity for free, for life? I will explain the details further below of why it is extremely important for me to give you this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but I need to offer you the entire education in chunks below so you can fully understand how it all works.

This Is How You Earn Money Doing Nothing

You and 19 other lucky early registrants of House Painters University will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to earn $498.50 commissions doing nothing because I will add your name and your positive video testimonial prominently displayed on the House Painters University website for all new visitors to see, (see explanation on the video below) and within your personal testimonial section, there will be your own unique affiliate URL tracking link that is associated only to your affiliate account here with House Painters University, and when a new visitor watches your personal video testimonial and clicks on your unique affiliate URL tracking link and pays $997.00 for the House Painters University program, you will earn 50% of the $997.00 price.

I currently already get more than 4,000 highly targeted, hungry visitors each month. The number of visitors to my website doubles with each passing year which will increase your chances of earning more money every year. Anyone who understands this entire process would be insane to not take full advantage of this free opportunity as quickly as possible.

I will be doing all of the work to drive traffic to this House Painters University website and you will do nothing but sit back and collect your monthly checks after you submit a video testimonial.

Your Earnings Potential

To give you an idea of the earnings potential for you with only 4,000 visitors currently per month, the average sales for any website product or service is .004 (4 thousandths of a percent) without any testimonials. 4000 monthly visitors times .004 equals 16 sales multiplied times $997.00 = $15,952.00 in total sales….BUT…

The best and most exciting news for you is this total sales amount increases dramatically with positive video testimonials for all new visitors to see.

Let’s say for example sake that only 8 of the 4,000 visitors to the website the first month clicked on your unique affiliate URL tracking link after watching your video testimonial and those 8 visitors purchased the House Painters University program for $997.00… that means you would earn 8 sales times 50% which equals $3,988.00 in earnings for you for one month. AND you did absolutely NOTHING to earn that $3,988.00 in one month other than submitting your positive video testimonial after you took advantage of the education. So basically, you are a double income winner because every month you will be earning money painting homes as your own boss while also enjoying the added income in commissions from the sale of this program.

$3,988.00 per month in earnings for you equals $47,856.00 annual income for doing NOTHING at all once you’ve submitted your video testimonial. You could just kick back and collect checks every month and not even have to paint homes.

Since traffic to this website will double every year, think about the potential increased earnings for you for doing nothing more than submitting a positive video testimonial after you earned money from a paint job you completed based on the education you got from House Painters University.

Are you getting the idea why it’s extremely important for me to offer you this opportunity for free?

This is a no-brainer!

All you have to do is get registered below and follow the incredibly simple steps to land and complete your first house painting job.

The reason it is extremely important for me to pay you $498.50 in commissions to have your positive video testimonial on the website for all visitors to see is because I also earn $498.50 from each added sale as a result of your positive testimonial. I would not earn the added income without your positive video testimonial. It would be incredibly stupid if I did not give you this opportunity.

In five years from now, with traffic to the website doubling every year, you could be earning $10,000.00 per month doing nothing at all. If you earn $10,000.00 per month, that means I’m also earning $10,000.00 per month.

When you add up 20 lucky early registrants all earning several thousand dollars per month because they took full advantage of this education and submitted a video testimonial, that means I will also be earning tens of thousands of dollars per month.

If your positive video testimonial along with 19 other video testimonials earns me an additional $50,000.00 or more per month, I would be crazy, insane to not offer you this incredible opportunity absolutely free.

Nike paid Tiger Woods tens of millions of dollars every year to wear their logo because Nike earns billions more in added sales as a result of Tiger Wood’s endorsement. When Tiger Woods wears the Nike logo, it’s the same concept as you giving a positive testimonial about House Painters University. So, you get rewarded handsomely month after month for helping me earn more money.

It Gets Even Better!

You don’t need to do anything at all once you submit your video testimonial, but I’m also going to teach you a few simple tips on how you can increase the traffic to your own unique affiliate URL link so you can earn even more money/commissions than I explained above, and all of these tips don’t require you to fork out any money. You will learn all of these added tips once you become a member.

How The Affiliate Program Works

Each time you earn a $498.50 commission, you will automatically receive an email notice of a commission earned, and then you will be able to log into your affiliate account here on this website to check out the statistics.

At the end of each month, you will receive an automatic deposit of your earnings directly into your own free PayPal account. Then, you can do what you want with that money once it’s in your PayPal account. You can buy things online, or you can have PayPal transfer that money into your own bank if you want, and transfers are free from PayPal.

Once you get set up, you won’t be able to thank me enough for offering you this opportunity.

You will be blown away at how easy this is. All you have to do is follow my simple detailed steps once you register below.

How The Registration Works

Built into the back end of this website is incredibly complex, expensive programming that operates the “membership access”, the “registration process” and the free “affiliate program”. Since the “membership access”, the “registration process” and the “affiliate program” are already setup and programmed to work together on this House Painters University website, and since everyone must go through the same unique registration process for the program to work properly, the only way I can actually give you this opportunity is through the directions below.

My Guarantee To You

Because of the complex programming with all three programs working together to set up your membership account automatically, everyone who registers must go through the normal sign up process for only $1, but I will refund your $1 if you are not totally satisfied with the results of this educational program. $1 is basically free anyway and you can’t possibly lose with my guarantee.

Discount Coupon Code & Directions

1. Using your cursor, highlight and copy the discount coupon code text below. 2. Then, click the registration page link below and follow the directions.


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If you want to take advantage of this incredible $1 limited time offer right now, copy the discount coupon code above and click here to register. Be sure to watch the registration video on the registration page.

To your success!

Dave Drew

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