Be Your Own Boss Now!

Through the House Painters University Educational Program and Apprentice Directory Listing, you now have a unique and exciting opportunity to be your own boss and start making money instantly, regardless of your lack of residential painting experience.

Plus, in only a few weeks after you start painting homes in your area, you should be earning more money than any painting company owner would have paid you as an employee.

Additionally, you will be getting paid almost on a daily basis because most residential paint jobs only take one or two days.

Have you ever worked for a company and thought to yourself, “I am smart enough to be the boss here, and I could be making better money!”? You can make it happen now!

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Education Equals Power And More Money

Those who are willing to read and learn are the ones who earn the most money in life.

Earn More Money Faster!

Imagine earning twice the amount of money that any painting company owner would be willing to pay you, AND being your own boss, calling your own hours, and not having to deal with the stress as an employee while making little wages for months before you get even the smallest of raises.

If you think about any J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) you have ever had as an employee making little wages, you usually learn everything there is to know on that job within a week or two, and you usually develop enough speed in that short amount of time to keep up with any experienced fellow employee, but you don’t get raises or compensated properly for your daily and weekly improvements.

The Good News!

The same fast learning process works here in the House Painters University educational program with the only difference being, you will earn a lot more money much faster than working as an employee for a painting company, because you are the boss and owner of your own painting company starting instantly.

This Education vs Getting A Job

If you have zero experience painting homes, you would be incredibly lucky to get a painting company owner to hire you as an employee, as you may have already experienced, and if you could get a painting company to hire you with no experience, you would make barely survive wages for a long time before the boss would even consider giving you a raise.

Plus, a painting company owner who hires you as an employee will never teach you how to start up and operate your own painting company. But, with House Painters University Apprentice Directory, homeowners will hire you day one with no experience, and you will be getting continuous raises as you learn and develop more speed and confidence.

You will soon discover that regardless of you having little or no experience painting homes, landing house painting work on a consistent basis in your area will be much easier than getting a job as an employee.

With the House Painters University Apprentice Directory Listing, homeowners will want to hire you even if you do not have any painting experience, because they know they will save money while getting the same quality paint job.

What Exactly Is House Painters University?

Simply put, through the members forum and the step-by-step guided video tutorials found in the Student Curriculum links that you will have lifetime access to once you sign up and log into your membership account, you will gain a unique education on how to easily start up and operate your own house painting company right now with no experience and no money coming out of your pocket. You will be your own boss with your own painting company earning money starting right away.

Once you log into your membership account, you will also have full access to the members forum here so you can communicate with your fellow student/apprentice members, as well as read about their experiences with this House Painters University educational program.

The Goal Of House Painters University

The main goal of this program is, in 90 days or less, to have you earning twice as much money painting homes in your area than any painting contractor could offer you as an employee. If you learn fast, you should accomplish this goal in less than 45 days.

No Money Out Of Pocket To Start

One of the most exciting aspects of this House Painters University educational program, aside from earning much better money more quickly, is you DO NOT need any money to start your own painting company. You only need the knowledge on how it works.

You will soon learn every detail about starting up a house painting company with no money and no experience from a 25-year veteran painter who started a house painting company three different times in three different states; each time starting with no tools and no money. One of those times was even with a yellow 1972 VolksWagen Bug. Imagine building a painting company with just a small yellow car and no money and you will realize anything is possible when you have the right knowledge.

In 90 days or less, you will have an entire painting company completely paid for with all necessary tools and equipment, and all while adding more money to your savings account from the increased wages you will earn being your own boss.

Believe it or not, a house painting company is the easiest and cheapest business in the world to start up and operate regardless of your age, lack of experience or lack of money. All you need is the proper knowledge.

No Fees Or License Required

You do not need any state, city or contractors license to start up a house painting company. You only need the knowledge on how to avoid all of those unnecessary expenses. You will learn how to avoid all fees, licenses and costly license classes.

How You Earn Money Right Away – Step By Step

You will earn money right away with your own House Painters University Apprentice Profile Listing here on

Your apprentice profile public listing here on House Painters University will show homeowners in your area that you are serious about obtaining this House Painters University education, and serious about starting your own house painting company.

Once you have registered and filled out your apprentice profile listing form page, you will then deliver specially designed 8.5″ x 11″ flyers that explain to homeowners how they will save money by hiring you instead of a painting contractor, and how the homeowner will get the same quality painting work because of the professional painting education you will gain from House Painters University.

When homeowners receive the specially designed flyers you deliver, they will read the flyer and visit this House Painters University website where they will learn every detail on how this apprentice program works to their benefit and savings.

When homeowners call you, as a result of the uniquely written flyers you deliver, it means they want to hire you and work with you even though you have little or no experience painting homes. All you will need to do is work out a project price with the homeowner, and then create a game plan to complete their painting project. You will learn how to easily accomplish this process from the step-by-step guided education you gain as a lifetime member of House Painters University.

Building Your Own Company

This educational program will teach you everything you need to know about obtaining any tools you need for each painting project, and not pay for anything until after homeowners pay you for completed painting work.

Creating A Painting Project Game Plan

Before you start each new house painting job you land, you will log into your House Painters University member account here and invest a little time learning every detail on how to successfully plan and complete each painting project.

The House Painters University educational program will turn you into an instant professional by helping you develop a plan for each painting project. So, you will quickly learn and know every detail of exactly what to do before you start each new paint job, and if you ever have any questions, you can use the painters forum here.

Before you start any paint job, you will have plenty of time to look at the paint job, talk to the homeowner, write all of the project details, figure out a price, and then plan the paint job. Homeowners will even fully support all of your efforts because they will have learned from this website how everything works to their benefit.

Homeowners will work with you throughout the entire project planning and completion because they will understand the process you need to go through. So, there is no need to even be nervous when a homeowner calls you to do a painting job.

You can accomplish anything with the right knowledge.

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Message From The Founder

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